Carol Edwards is a former cognitive behavioural therapist by profession and a writer by passion specialising in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and related issues. She writes educational articles for therapists new to cognitive behavioural therapy for OCD and anyone interested in learning more about the disorder. Her main attention is on pure-intrusive thoughts, what they are and how to treat them. Also, to offer tutorials and advice to people with OCD, and their families. She talks about her book "Desire-Intrusive Thoughts: What To Do When Sexual, Religious, and Harm Obsessions Carry Unwanted Arousal" and discusses, in an interview with Sunil Punjabi, the reasons she decided to write this book. Carol writes for Thrive Global and has an article in the IOCDF. To read the interview and see more of what Carol does, please click the link below and it will direct you to her new website at OCD Topics.

'You can have the confidence in the quality and expertise of my written material and the reliability of my ongoing professional development for bringing fresh topics to your inbox.' 

Carol Edwards

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