Carol Edwards 

  • Actively listens
  • Supports
  • Gives practical advice about the here and now
  • Explains how thinking errors and doubts play a role in OCD
  • Provides strategies from the evidence-treatment, exposure-response prevention (ERP) and how to use them
  • Demonstrates how families can help support their loved one(s) through ERP instead of enabling
  • Offers carers and mental health professionals fresh insight when they feel stuck
  • Clarifies one's understanding of the previous chat session before moving on
  • Voice calls also available to talk or offload and to feel that someone is really listening and showing empathic understanding

Chat Service

Carol Edwards provides a FREE 50-minute consultation for anyone aged 18 and over who is looking for professional advice about intrusive thoughts and related issues. This very affordable text-based chat  service is also for families and carers/MH workers who are looking for professional advice and ways to help and support their family member(s), friends and coachees/clients without paying over the odds.

In the first instance, please fill in the contact form below to request a time and date for your free chat session. After, that you can use the donate button for each additional 50-minute chats, which you can schedule with Carol Edwards during your free consultation. However, there is no obligation, you are free to have your consultation and decide for yourself if you want to schedule further sessions for a donation you can afford.

It works in three steps: 1. schedule an appointment, 2. donate via the button below, 3. let's chat.

Once you have your chat appointment set up, click on the speech icon to the bottom right of a computer screen. It's unlikely that Carol Edwards will not be online for your appointment, but if this is the case (for example, due to internet issues), you can fill in the contact form below to reschedule your chat session.

Times available are typically daytime GMT between 7am-3pm, but can be changed. Voice calls are also available and can be discussed in the initial consultation or during ongoing text-based chats.

Thank you for your donation.


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